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Morgan's has the equipment and staff to fill your large volume AND single garments orders. Unlike some, we have an excellent quality control process in place to make sure your embroidery is digitized expertly, sewn properly, trimmed and cleaned with utmost care, and packaged and shipped with the care you would give your clothes.

Embroidery is turning a picture into threads and placing them on a garment. The process of digitizing is explained on Morgan's Digitizing page. After digitizing, the image is transferred to an embroidery machine to be sewn on your garment, explained on this page.

Embroidery machines are just large sewing machines that have their sewing controlled by a computer. Many home sewing machines will allow you to embroider small amounts of work. The best explanation of how sewing machines work is on the How Things Work website: http://home.howstuffworks.com/sewing-machine1.htm. At Morgan’s we exclusively use Barudan embroidery machines: http://www.barudan.com

The major difference with home embroidery machines and commercial embroidery machines is the number of needles and threads that can simultaneously be loaded on the machines. Morgan's machines typically allow 15 needles and threads to be simultaneously on a machine at one time. The computer must be more complicated on a commercial embroidery machine because it must also control which needle is going to be used and the movement of the loop holding the garment.

To embroider your garment, the correct threads are loaded into the embroider machine, the garment is placed in an embroidery loop, the embroidery is programmed into the computer, and the garment is embroidered.

At Morgan's we have single head machines that handle our small orders and many multiple head machines that can work on the same large order at once.


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