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Frequently asked questions

Why is there a digitizing charge for my supplied image?

Morgan’s Monograms has a staff of professional digitizers who use specialized software and their years of talent to change your artwork into embroidery. We take great pride in our work, and refuse to turn out embroidery that is less than excellent. You may be able to find an embroider who will digitize your artwork for less than Morgan’s, but you will not find a better embroiderer. If your image matters to you, if what the garments with your logo or artwork look and last like matters to you, you will not settle for less than Morgan’s.

Why do I have to approve the digitizing?

While Morgan’s Art Department is an acknowledged expert in digitizing, our interpretation of your image may not look like the image you have in your head. Also, the cost of embroidering an image will change with the number of stitches and the number of thread colors. By approving your digitizing you are stating that you approve of not only the spelling of words etc, but the look and styling of the image.

What types of artwork can you accept?

We can accept almost any kind of computer file. Adobe files should be converted to versions Illustrator 11 or Photoshop 7.

Why do you say the colors on your web site or downloads may not exactly match the the colors of the final garment?

Colors on a monitor or printer are dependent on the software used on your computer, the manufacturer or the monitor or printer, and the settings of the monitor or the ink and paper used in the printer. So the image you see on your monitor or printer may not perfectly match what we see on ours.

Why do you sometimes require approval of samples?

If the colors of your embroidery are very important to you (for example, if you have corporate colors that all your marketing materials must match) Morgan’s recommends that you get a physical sample (called a sew-out) of the embroidery to approve before we go into production. This way you can be sure what your final product will look like.

How do I care for my embroidered garments?

  • All embroidered garments should be washed with a mild detergent.
  • Do not use chlorine bleach or optical brightening agents.
  • If bleach is required for washing, use non-chlorine bleach in accordance with product instructions .
  • Machine wash cold water.
  • Delicate wash cycle .
  • If color residue appears in water, rinse first in lukewarm water and then cold several times until rinse water becomes clear.
  • Remove promptly after wash cycle completion.
  • Never leave any piece of embroidered clothing soaking or in water or lying in a pile when wet.
  • Upon completion of washing cycle place articles immediately in dryer, use normal setting. (For best results, we recommend preheating the dryer.)
  • Do not wring out the embroidered articles.
  • Do not rub stained embroidery.

Can my garment be dry cleaned?

Embroidery may be dry cleaned, however, extreme care should be exercised when dry cleaning. Special care must be taken when dark shades are dry cleaned. Avoid use of pre-spotting agents.

What about Industrial Laundering?

Garments that are embroidered with Super Strength® Rayon or Twister Tweed™ Rayon can be industrially laundered when proper procedures are followed as outlined by the International Fabricare Institute. Please call or fax for details. Embroidery may be dry cleaned, however, extreme care should be exercised when dry cleaning. Special care must be taken when dark shades are dry cleaned. Avoid use of pre-spotting agents.

Is it okay to iron embroidery?

Embroidered fabrics should always be ironed on the reverse side. It is recommended to iron embroidery between two pieces of cloth. It is not recommended to wet embroidery prior to ironing or to use a steam iron.

What is your return policy?

Please make sure that your order is correct in every way, and be sure to check your spelling. We will embroider your garment with the text as you placed it on your order form.

Size of embroidered text will vary, because it needs to fit within the embroidery hoops. The text height will be approximately: 1/4" to 1/2" for Garment Chest Left or Right; Sleeve Left or Right; or Hat Back
1” to 1 1/2" for Garment Center Back or Front
1/4" to 3/8” for Hat Front
Depending on the number of characters per line (more characters equals smaller text).

We will ship your order within 9 working days. Shipping time will vary depending on your location.

We will exchange your items or refund your purchase price within 30 days from purchase for defects in craftsmanship or workmanship. All you have to do is print out our Product Exchange Form and enclose it with the items you wish to send back.

Return the items to:
Quality Assurance Department
Morgan's Monograms
7584 University Ave
La Mesa, CA 91941

Please complete the product exchange form, click here.

How can I return a defective product?

By filling out our product exchange form and returning the garments to our Customer Service Department.

What is your privacy policy?

Morgan's will never sell your information to anyone, ever. Your credit card information is not kept on our servers. We use SSL security for our online purchasing pages, so your security is assured. We will never share your artwork or logo with anyone at any time for any reason.

How can my school or business contact you about embroidery needs?

You can contact our sales department at sales@MorgansMonograms.com or call (619) 589-0070


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